The Craft Lab

The Craft Lab


A DIY Art Studio

Welcome! The Craft Lab a DIY Art Studio in the Southcenter area that specialize in Private And Corporate events. You can also come walk-in for Open Paint Fri-Sun or by appointment. Apart from our events, we offer a plethora of specialty DIY Workshops. And, WE LOVE having kids in to create! One of my favorite quotes by the late, great Albert Einstein is " Creativity is intelligence having fun." That is our motto here. Creativity takes courage, and its never wrong. There is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of making memories with you and knowing you have something wonderful for your home, office, or a gift, that came from our studio! Made with love at The Craft Lab!

Walk in Open Paint hours 
Friday 10-2
Saturday 10-8
Sunday 10-3



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Please leave a detailed message regarding the size of your party, date, and time you’d like to have your event. We will get back to you soon!


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Made with love at The Craft Lab